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Clips edited randomly together like a movie trailer
(not in chronological order)
My Highlights Videos are not a "trailer" with random clips, but a whole movie in itself that tells the story of your wedding with all the best moments from beginning to end. I believe weddings have the perfect flow- the anticipation of getting ready, the climax of the ceremony, and the celebration of the reception- so I edit the day in chronological order. And 6-7 Minutes is the PERFECT length.
Sweeping camera movements and cinematic editingI don't make your wedding into something dramatic and cheesy. Weddings are beautiful and emotional just as they are. No need to make them an over-the-top production. I like to bring out the genuine emotion and beauty of the day.
Voiceovers and cheesy musicApart from the vows and some audio from the day, I don't add voiceovers. I find them to be overly dramatic and distracting. I believe the best way to capture true emotion is with great music. I select songs that best go with the feel of your wedding and I use happy emotional music, not sappy slow songs.
Limited coverageAll my packages include full day coverage which is unlimited hours. I make sure to get all the activities of the day, I don't want to miss anything! Unlike other videographers, I don't leave before cake cutting and the bouquet toss just because my hours are up.
Just focus on the bride and groomIt is my belief that marriage is for the bride and groom but weddings are more about all your family and friends coming together in one place to celebrate. For this reason, I like to get a lot of shots of the family and friends in addition to the bride and groom.
Dark shotsBright and beautiful shots
Team of 2-5 VideographersThe majority of my weddings are shot entirely by just me. You may add a 2nd shooter but my style is unobtrusive. More than 2 videographers is completely unnecessary.




  • 1 Cinematographer
  • Full Day Coverage
  • All Video Footage on Hard Drive



This package is perfect for those who don’t have a budget for videography but would like their entire day beautifully filmed in my style.  Having your wedding on video is a MUST!!  The whole day goes by so quickly and it will all be a blur.  And photographs just don't capture everything (the vows, the toasts, dancing, etc.).  Having your wedding captured on video forever and to show your children (and grandchildren!) is SO IMPORTANT.

The video is divided into folders (The Details, Her Preparations, His Preparations, The Ceremony, The Photoshoot, The First Dance, Toasts, Cutting the Cake, Bouquet and Garter, Dancing, etc.) and is easy to watch on your computer.  You can always have a Highlights Video edited at a future time (once you recover from wedding finances) if you wish.




  • 1 Cinematographer
  • Full Day Coverage
  • 6-7 Minute Highlights Video
  • Online Sharing
  • Edited Ceremony with Professional Audio
  • All Video Footage on Hard Drive

This package includes the Highlights Video which is the creative edit of ALL the best moments of your wedding from beginning to end.  This video has everything in it (all your family and friends, the vows, first kiss, details, first dance, etc) and is what you will share with all your family and friends online.  It also includes the full video divided into chapters for you to easily watch and enjoy.  Add the Feature Film if you would like a seamlessly edited full version or a DVD.

Feature Film: +$400
Feature Film on DVD + Flash Drive:  +$600




  • 2 Cinematographers     
  • Full Day Coverage     
  • 6-7 Minute Highlights Video
  • Online Sharing
  • Feature Film

This package is for those who would like the complete package.  A second videographer captures a second angle and the entire day is edited seamlessly between the two camera angles.  

Feature Film on DVD + Flash Drive: + $250




Full Day Coverage starts from before the bride puts on her dress to cutting the cake at the end of the night and beyond.  I offer unlimited hours because I don't want to miss anything!  I make sure to stay for all the activities at the reception and get tons of dancing.

The Highlights Video is a short creative video of the wedding with music which is what you see on my website. My Highlights Video isn't a "trailer" of your wedding but a whole movie in itself, telling the story of the day with all the best moments from beginning to end.  I believe weddings have the perfect flow (the anticipation of getting ready, the climax of the ceremony, and then the celebration of the reception) so I edit the videos in chronological order, unlike a lot of videographers who edit the clips randomly together.  I also believe good music really brings out the emotion of the day and so I don't use a lot of voiceovers (except for the vows) which I find to be cheesy and over-dramatic.  I have found that 6-7 minutes is the perfect length.  Not too long, not too short, and it includes all the highlights of the day.    

Online Sharing I provide your Highlights Video on a personal page on my website and on Vimeo.  I also post it on my blog and Facebook page.  You will be able to easily share the video with your family and friends with a link and by posting it on your Facebook page.  

The Video Footage on Hard Drive is all the video footage on a hard drive which is easy to watch on the computer.  The video clips are divided into folders (The Details, Her Preparations, His Preparations, The Ceremony, Photo Shoot, First Dance, Toasts, Parents Dances, Bouquet Toss, Cutting the Cake, etc) for easy navigation.  I shoot with the unedited video in mind so that the clips are clean and easy to watch.  

One Cinematographer I offer packages with one cinematographer (me of course!) because I rarely use my second shooter's footage in the Highlights Video as I am able to get all the shots in exactly my shooting style myself.  Because it isn't completely necessary to have a second shooter, it's a great way to save money.  Also, it's less obtrusive to have just one videographer instead of two.  Examples of videos with one cinematographer:
McKenzie + Justin    Bryce + Jen    Beau + Allexa    Brooke + John      Alyssa + Nick      Kristin + Nick     Lauren + Brian

Two Cinematographers Two cinematographers is recommended if the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations (option to have a second shooter just for preparations- $175) or if you would like two camera angles during the ceremony.  Examples of videos with two cinematographers:  Nick + Bora     Kristina + Sean     Ashley + Blake    Jenny + Dan

The Edited Ceremony with Professional Audio is the edited ceremony with the professional audio taken from the wireless mic placed on the groom and the audio from the venue/DJ mic.  Depending on the layout and space of the ceremony, a second camera tripod is set up for a second angle.  

The Feature Film is a seamlessly edited video of all the footage of the day with high quality audio and divided into chapters (The Details, Her Preparations, His Preparations, The Ceremony, Photo Shoot, First Dance, Toasts, Parents Dances, Bouquet Toss, Cutting the Cake, etc).  It is between 1-2 hours long and includes all the video of the day in digital format.  The Feature Film on DVD is also an available option.  My DVD cases are custom designed to the colors and style of your wedding and are created in the highest quality.  With the DVD, I also provide all the videos in digital format on a flash drive.  



Do you choose the music or can I pick which songs to use in the Highlights Video?

There is a section in the questionnaire where you can list song suggestions.  I will go through your list and use any song that fits with the feel of the video.  It is not guaranteed that I will use the songs because even great songs just don't work with a wedding video.  If there is a song you DEFINITELY want to use, put asterisks next to it.  Or you can leave it up to me.  Choosing music is one of my favorite parts about creating the perfect wedding video.  I select music that best fits with the emotion and feel of your wedding and I usually use sweet and happy Indie songs.   Most people let me choose the music but it is still helpful to list some songs that you love in order to make the video extra personal and for me to get a sense of what kind of music you like.  

What is your turn around time?

Depending on the time of year, my turn around time for the Highlights Video is between 2-5 weeks and for the full video on a hard drive 3-8 weeks.  

Should we meet?

I love meeting my couples before their wedding but it isn't required.  Videography is different than photography in that it doesn't require much planning ahead so meeting isn't completely necessary.  I try and make the booking process as easy as possible because I know how stressful and time-consuming wedding planning is!  It is completely up to you if you want to meet, chat on the phone, or just go ahead and book me for your day!

I am interested in booking you for my wedding.  What's the next step?

Let me know which package you would like to go with (although you can change your package anytime up until one month before your wedding) and I will email you an invoice for the deposit ($500) which can be paid directly online or you can mail a check.  Once that payment goes through, your date will officially be booked and you can then fill out the below questionnaire and contract!


The Questionnaire

Please fill this out after you have booked your date with the deposit.  
This form cannot be saved and worked on over time.  All data will be lost if you leave this page. 

Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Name *
Phone *
Fiance's Name *
Fiance's Name
Please provide a phone number other than the bride and groom that can be reached all day
Please provide exact addresses
Please check all activities that will occur
i.e. Jen and Mike, Jennifer and Micheal
It is not guaranteed they will be used as it all depends on what works with the video. If you have a song you definitely want to be used, please put a star next to it. (I love choosing music, so you can leave this blank!)
Photographer, Florist, Planner, DJ, etc.


Payment. A deposit of $500 is required to book your date.  Deposits are non-refundable.  Once the deposit payment goes through, your date is officially booked.  The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding day.  AMS will email you the invoice for all payments which can be paid directly online or you can mail a check to:
Amanda Madeline Studios
5338 Forecastle Court
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Travel.  All travel expenses to Central California are included in the package prices.  No additional expenses will be applied.   

Fees.  Package prices are flat rates and no additional taxes or fees will be applied.

Copyright. Amanda Madeline Studios reserves all rights to the video production and may use original and/or duplicate videos for demonstration, publication, or other purposes.  After completion of video, AMS will provide the video in digital format for archiving and for re-formatting to future media in the years to come.

Liability.  If AMS is unable to perform the services agreed upon for whatever reason, other than an act of Nature(i.e. inclement weather, unforeseen emergencies), we will refund the total amount of investment agreed upon and received in monetary payment.  AMS is not held liable for emotional damages in the event that we are unable to perform services agreed upon. We are not liable for a cancellation of outdoor wedding due to inclement weather. In circumstances beyond AMS’s control where videographers hired will not be able to attend reserved wedding date, such as an illness or family emergency, you agree to allow AMS to find a substitute videographer to fulfill the agreement.  While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding video, the videographer’s entire liability to Client for any claim, loss, injury or damage arising or relating to this Agreement or the performance of the videographer is limited to a refund to The Client of the amount paid for services.  

Compatability.  AMS produces DVDs, hard drives, and USBs that are compatible with most DVD players and PC and Mac computers.  AMS is not responsible for incompatibility with the customer’s DVD player or computer.

Postponement/Cancellation. In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the wedding/contract, prior to 14 days of the event, the amount paid will be returned with the exception of the deposit which is non-refundable.  If cancellation is made less than 14 days remaining to the event, no refunds will be made. 

Print your name to confirm your agreement on the contract